With the philosophy, "Train to Transform" AGERTO is a non-profit, non governmental organization that aims to create lasting solutions to poverty and environmental sustainability. It was founded by a group of youths in 1999 in Agome Tomegbe in the prefecture of Kloto which is located in the southwest of Togo at the bottom of Mount Kloto. Lomé is a 2 hour drive and Kpalime is 15 km/30 minutes away. AGERTO’s mission promotes harmonious and durable development and encourages development projects to give community members new opportunities for self sustaining futures.


The organization was created to train disadvantaged young people and reintegrate them into everyday life. AGERTO focuses on furthering the education of underprivileged youth and young mothers by offering a free 3 year training program to specialize different skill sets. Those admitted to the apprenticeship in the various training areas will receive a machine upon passing their final exams and will be recognized with a Togolese state diploma .This will allow them to continue and establish a self sustaining career in the area of their focused training.

There are four learning centers in Kpalimé Kloto, Awandjelo Kozah, Kémini Tchaoudjo and Akpakpakpè Notsé.


Participants include girls and neglected boys from orphans or the street facing crisis. No one is discriminated against based on gender, ethnicity or religion.

AGERTO offers apprenticeships in the following departments :


  • Woodworking
  • Batik – Sewing
  • Hairdressing
  • Traditional weaving
  • Welding ( including aluminum )
  • Car painting
  • Artisan wood carving
  • Driving
  • Internet and computer specialization


Students are accommodated with housing and food.


AGERTO also participates in outreach for the prevention of HIV / AIDS and problems for hygiene and food safety.
In addition AGERTO is also involved in agricultural development and environmental conservation by organizing forums and providing technical support in the area of agriculture.