Togolese diversity is the result of many migrations of peoples who came from the north attracted by the fertility of the region. The Ewés came from Egypt and set initially in the region of TADO on the border of Benin, now called Notse. Many also were escaping the tyranny of King Agokoli the first, causing some of them to travel to Lomé, and in the eastern part of Ghana.
The arrival of Europeans began in the early fifteenth century with the Portuguese who explored the coast and settled on the Gold Coast in Ghana; they built many forts whose traces are still visible today. They traded ivory, gold, and slaves with Brazil and other countries. Innocent Africans were taken from all over the country and kept in slave castles until being sent to work on plantations across the globe. Slavery has strongly marked the history of this country. Togo gained independence on April 27, 1960.