AGERTO is always receiving volunteers for short, medium and long-term projects and encourage many more to come and be part of our work. Below is a list of programs for which we receive volunteers. We also place volunteers with other agencies on site or with the Government when they are in demand for volunteers.










Health and Support

The volunteer or intern will follow the manager and give support or expertise in performing the work in: birth consultation, surgery, general medicine ...

Village, hospital, health center, children and large population.

Hospitals, health centers, village, large population.


School support and help teachers

The volunteer or intern will participate in training or education in primary schools, general education college, schools for deaf or blind, orphanages, learn and bring other professors or teaching methods.


Primary schools, colleges for general lessons, vocational training center, poor youth and orphans in special schools ..

 Villages, primary and secondary schools,

 Training center and group activities

Environment and Agriculture 

Help and Support

Technical support and guidance to farmers in agricultural production and processing of agricultural products and farming techniques in the tropics. Planting seedlings for reforestation, and must have some knowledge of fertilizing plants or green manures. Also includes sanitation ...

Villages, rural world, agricultural group...

Villages, training center, or learning disabilities, rural world

Grouping Woman

Control the dynamic of the Group of Women

Follow women in their structures and methods to help form the development of women

Village, rural and urban areas


Economic Solidarity

Promotion of home economics

Educate women to promote home economics to raise funds for households through savings and credit

Village, rural, urban center of learning and training


All areas if handicraft

Help and support for learners and teachers workshops

Supports initiatives in training centers and in areas such as: traditional weaving, sculpture, painting, carpentry welding, sewing, batik, making tam tam ...

Training center, learning workshop, girls and boys


Agro forestry

Help and support farmers in controlling and managing agriculture and fertilizer plants

Enable farmers to know the different fertilizer plants and plant their fields for good crop yields

Villages, rural world, agricultural groups, and peasants.

Village, rural world