AGERTO is very lucky to work with Madame Pasteur Abitor. She is one of the most well known singers in Togo and has been a big help in contributing to the efforts of AGERTO. Madame Pasteur is someone who although has struggled with having parts of her body paralyzed she still has time to give to her energy to provide for orphans and rejected children.


After president had a visit with her, she explained; "I felt a big burden to do something for these children, otherwise I will be indebted to the Lord. It's like a mission that my Father tells me, and I must humbly and faithfully respond to this call. "



This is why Madame Pasteur Abitor works with more than 100 children who are placed with relatives in Lomé. She is committed to dedicating efforts to furthering childhood education. The purpose of AGERTO’s reunion with her was in order to bridge her initiatives and AGERTO’s charitable training center. Having succeeded in this, we have the right to let them fly in their lives.

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