UNICEF explains how children are often those that are affected most by poverty worldwide. The early years of our lives are most crucial when it comes to physical, intellectual and emotional development and poverty plays a big role in negatively affecting this development.

Childhood poverty can cause high mortality and disadvantages in regards to education, protection, health and nutrition.

Poverty not only endangers the lives of children, but it also increases their vulnerability to other hazards, promoting violence and exploitation, including child labor in hazardous conditions, and child trafficking.


AGERTO’s motto is "Train to Transform." This means that we set our attention to the education of children who are facing harsh and poor conditions. We want to avoid children being homeless and unemployed so to us this means providing one meal a day, a free vocational training and protection and a place to live.
Our center creates a good social environment and allows young people to flourish - the basis for a happy life!